Axel Klostermann



Oskar Fischinger – Musik für die Augen

A loving documentary about Oskar Fischinger.
Directed by Harald Pulch.
ACHT took care about producing, editing and motion graphics.
I was responsible for grading, restoration and finishing.

Watch the trailer.


AUDI Trilogy

Three in a row.
ACHT, Hyperbowl and KieferWorX produced 3 stunning movies to feature AUDI’s Sphere Collection.

1/3 AUDI skysphere
2/3 AUDI grandsphere
3/3 AUDI urbansphere

I guided the amazing VFX Team through No 2 and No 3.
The campaign culminates in the AUDI Concept Car Medley TV commercial.



Charming Ad for cult brand Märklin.
Lars Timmermann directs this film with a lot of love and a sense for details.

Watch Märklin’s Winter Campaign 2022.


VW presents ID family in China

With this clip ACHT took responsibility for the presentation of VW’s ID family in China.
VFX Supervisor was my part of the game.

Take a look here.


Adventures in South Africa

You may say it’s just a job?! Sometimes it is so much more than this.
On set supervision for the all new G80 Limousine from Genesis.
What a nice trip thanks to director Marc Bethke and his team.
Daniel Lang was VFX Supervisor back in germany

Watch one of the many highlight clips we produced.


It’s time to update – I have time to update

due to Corona I have time to look back at the things we’ve been doing at ACHT since my last news entry.

It has been a lot…

but some of it is just boring:-) some of it goes beyond the scope of this website and some of it is top secret.

So I want to show you this small selection:

RADEBERGER „Reich im Geschmack

an ACHT-Studio-Full-Production includes shooting, grading an online

KIA Packshop „ProCeed & Sportage

Adaption of the existing TVC plus CGI packshot.

Thanks to our well balanced pipeline we produced the packshot in record time.

Check out the Breakdown.

SANTE „Teekomplex&Parakresse

Can you resist her charme?


Tag On for the all new Renault ZOE. Template was the print campaign!

FERRERO „Millionen Memory

Always fun to work with the people from Ferrero!

Together we developed the TVC for the Million Memory.

For an internal presentation i did this Breakdown afterwards.


Jaguar F-Pace

Jan Rasmus Voss directed the all new Jaguar F-Pace campaign.

At ACHT we did post production.

Watch it on YouTube….

Jaguar F-Pace Co-DriverInsomnia and Toyride.


Porsche’s Anatomy

Patrick Dempsey explores the anatomy of Porsche’s new 911 GT2 RS Clubsport. Many thanks to our 3D guys Robert, Tom an Jan. You made this project extraordinary – in all respects:-)

Porsche GT2 RS Clubsport


Mario’s Goals

A lot of work that you will hopefully not see 🙂
The new Samsung TVC featuring Mario Götze and Johnny Cash’s „Hurt“.

Samsung – Mario’s Goals


Flying Eigenheim

It is not from outer space, it is your new home!

built by Schwäbisch Hall


Look Who’s Talking

the first film of the new UNIQA campaign with our hero „Max“.
Together with Mick Graas I did Set Supervision in Riga/Latvia.
Sergej Moya directed four films within two days of shooting.
Tempomedia Hamburg made it happen.

Look Who’s Talking now


RTL Boxen

What a fight!
I’m not a big fan of boxing,
but this was quite impressing!
Filmsytler Pictures, Heiko Leitsch and me realized the On-Air Promotion for RTL.
One Clip for each of the two fighters.

RTL Boxen KLITSCHKO vs. Joshua
RTL Boxen Klitschko vs. JOSHUA


LICHTER Filmfest 2017

He is known for knowing everybody!
Hermann Vaske directed the official Trailer for LICHTER Filmfest Frankfurt International 2017.
Starring Michael Madsen!!! !
See you there!




Cars from Japan & South Korea, shot all over the world – post production @ ACHT
Suzuki, Hyundai and KIA.
We did them all.
I worked them all.
Watch two of them…



Berlin Music Video Awards 2016 – Kangding Ray „Brume“

David Fabra is nominated for editing Kangding Ray’s „Brume“
Unfortunately there is no category for colorgrading:-)

Official Music Video directed by David Letellier & PRCSS


Silbermond „B96“

Once again we teamed up with director Andreas Bruns
to finish his latest work for Silbermond.

Official Music Video

Together with Mark Dauth I was responsible for Compositing and Finishing


Kangding Ray „Brume“

To be honest… I’m more the punkrock-kind of guy!
But this time I have to throw over my principals!
I love this track, I love this video!!

Official Music Video directed by David Letellier & PRCSS

I did colorgrading, compositing and finishing for this extraordinary video.


Volkswagen AG Groupnight 2015

Mmmmmmhhhh! Many things have happened since this VW Groupnight in the run-up to IAA2015.
Anyway I think ACHT Frankfurt did a great job in producing the content for the really big Stage.
Many K’s of pixels and me with Cinema4D again. I was responsible for the SKODA brand movie.

This is just a small sector of the gigantic projection.
To get a feel of what it looked like on site watch this!


Tesla – Go Insane

More and more I feel comfortable in Color Grading.
Check out this one Tesla „Go Insane“!
A really cool Spec from Director Yehonathan Richter-Levin for Tesla.


Harley Davidson „Inner Child“

Congratulation!!! Director Andreas Bruns won the 1st prize at the young directors awards 2015 for his SPEC „Inner Child“.
Harley Davidson „Inner Child“!



Tough timing! Only two days of shooting for those two brand new DACIA Ads.
But thanks to a highly professional team and an uncomplaining Mehmet Scholl we did it!
Watch DACIA Celebrations – 25sec!
Watch DACIA Tor des Monats – Director’s Cut!


KIA Sorento Chef

Another nice KIA Commercial. A Chef and KIA – together for good taste!
Watch KIA Sorento Chef!


Praktiker – Hier sprach der Preis

A documentary about the last days of germany’s big hardware store PRAKTIKER.
It’s definitely worth seeing.

Kasseler Dokumentarfilm- und Videofest 11.-16. November 2014
Duisburger Filmwoche 3.-9. November 2014
FILMZ Festival des deutschen Kinos 25.-30. November 2014

Watch the trailer
Check out the homepage



ZDFneo Station IDs won Gold at the World Media Festival in Hamburg
and an award at ADC2014!!!!!!!


ZDFneo second flight

Second flight of the ZDFneo Station IDs
Watch the Rocket!
Watch the Pipe!


Audi IAA 2013

Audi Sport Quattro – Unfortunately only for the conceptual stage!
Watch the Clip!



ZDFneo hired director Daniel Seideneder for their new Station IDs.
It was a pleasure to be part of the team.
Watch ZDFneo Pool!
Watch ZDFneo Horizon!
Watch ZDFneo Bubblegum!


Thomas Gottschalk meets Thomas Gottschalk

Black Pearl Film and Boss-Stennert double up for Thomas Gottschalk, for HARIBO.
ACHT did Post Production.
Watch the Clip!


Beauty & Fashion

With some photos loaned from fashion photographer Yulia Gorbachenko,
I did the concept and some moods for a German cosmetics company.


ACHT: New Internet Presence

Our brand new Website!
…and our Reel!


Jonas Myrin – Dead Alive

Although I did only a few retouches, I didn’t want to hold back this one!
Really nice music clip for Grammy Award Winner Jonas Myrin.
Directed by my fellows Julian Ticona and Daniel Bartels supported by ACHT.

Watch the Clip!


The Necessary Death of Charlie Countryman

Charlie battles for the Golden Bear at Berlinale Film Festival in Berlin.

Watch the Trailer!


Premiere of „Humerus“ in Berlin

The short movie „Humerus“ premieres in Berlin.
The whole Crew were present except for me – damn!!

Anyway, I can watch the Trailer here!



On Set for Salthouse!
Two days of shooting the new TVC campaign in Düsseldorf!

Watch „Badesalz“ here!
Watch „Shampoo“ here!
…and don’t miss the Making Of – here!


NDOCC premieres at the Sun Dance Festival!

The Necessary Death of Charlie Countryman premieres at the Sun Dance Festival!

Watch the Trailer!


Back from Stockholm

It was a pleasure to have joined the Chimney team again!
5 full weeks of work on „The Necessary Death of Charlie Countryman“,
starring Shia LaBoeuf, Evan Rachel Wood, Rupert Grint and Mads Mikkelsen.
Directed by Fredrik Bond.

Watch the Trailer!


MTV European Music Award 2012

Taking place in Frankfurt

ACHT and Black Pearl Film are joining forces to realise Frankfurt’s MTV EMA trailer.

Check this one!


Ryo Takeda „Anders Überlegt“

Did colour grading for Ryo Takeda’s song „Anders Überlegt“
Good Guy!!!! Visit him on Ryo Takeda.

Watch it !


Becoming famous with RBB

My Car’s starring in RBB’s title sequence for „Täter Opfer Polizei“
I did just the post.
Can you find it???


„Das Haus der Krokodile“ opens in cinema!

Be sure not to miss it!!!
Check out the Trailer and the Making Of.


World Premiere of „Das Haus der Krokodile“

We entered the red carpet at the premiere of  „Das Haus der Krokodile“ in Frankfurt.
Thank you Rat Pack for an amazing party!!!

Check out the Trailer and the Making Of.


Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy for Oscars!!!

Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy is nominated for 3 Oscars!!

Watch the Trailer and Chimney’s Making Of.


SAT.1 Danni Lowinski third Season

Danni Lowinski successfully enters the third season.
Congratulations. I just adapted our 2009 title design the third time.
Watch the main titles for season 1 & 2


SAT.1 in Frankfurt’s Red Light District

Shooting one night in Frankfurt’s red light district.
It was quite an experience – even if you are living in Frankfurt.
Lucky us… we survived!
Watch the Result!


In the mood for Toshiba

I did some moodboards and animations for Toshiba’s new website.
The concept was of a „Diamond“
Nobody liked it! However, I don’t wanna deny it!
Watch it!


Me in Shanghai

Traveling to Shanghai!
Within 4 weeks ACHT will be realising the visuals for
Chevrolet’s stand at the Guangzhou Motor Show 2012!
I did the „Malibu“ part.


Das Haus der Krokodile

ARRI and ACHT are doing Post Production and Dailies for Constantin’s feature „Das Haus der Krokodile“.
I really had a good time doing the set supervision. Thank you Cyrill Boss and Philipp Stennert.
Check out the Trailer and the Making Of.


Me in Stockholm

Had a f..?%$§! great time in Stockholm at The Chimney Pot!
Within 3 months I worked on several projects:

Yes… John Le Carre’s „Tinker Tailer Soldier Spy“ with incredible Gary Oldman!
Watch the Trailer and Chimney’s Making Of.

H&M In Store Clip
They even let me do On Set Supervision – nice!

TVC Staropramen
A really great Commercial, directed by Jakob Ström

Thanks to the whole Chimney team for having a great time!


Who’s That Chick

In cooperation with The Chimney Pot,
ACHT is working on two videos for Rihanna’s „Who’s That Chick“.
One song, two clips – directed by Jonas Åkerlund. Day & Night
… I also did some shots!


Ozzy makes you scream

Jonas Åkerlund and The Chimney Pot realized the new vid for legendary Ozzy!
Also did some shots!
Watch it here!
Plus… some making of by 3D Artist Ruslan Ogorodnik and Chimney’s non-official-version!



On Set with germany’s most famous sport celebrities!
Working on station design and launch campaign for germany’s next sports TV station „Sport1“.
3 days of shooting in Munich inter alia with Stefan Kretzschmar, Udo Lattek, Jörg Wontorra…
directed by Ralph Loop